7 Best Soundbars For Projectors ( Personally Tested )

Whether you’re looking for better sound quality when watching movies or TV or want to boost the audio for your gaming setup, a good sound bar can be a great addition to your home entertainment system. But with so many options on the market, it can take time to know which one is right for you.

If you’re using a projector as your primary display, there are a few things to remember when choosing a sound bar for projector.

This post will review some of the best soundbars for projectors and help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Best Soundbars For Projectors ( A Quick Overview )

Best Soundbars For Projectors

Our Testing Process and Selection Criteria For Best Soundbar For Projector:

1. Size of the soundbar

It’s essential to consider the size of the soundbar. A soundbar that is too small may need to provide more audio power, while a soundbar that is too large may block your screen or be difficult to place correctly. By considering the soundbar size and selecting one best suited for your needs, you can ensure that you get the best possible audio experience from your projector.

2. Durability

When choosing the best soundbar for a projector, it’s important to discuss the durability of the soundbar. Some soundbars are made with cheaper materials and will last less time than others. If you’re looking for a soundbar that will last for years, choose one made with high-quality materials.

3. Connections to the TV and different gadgets

If you are in the market for a soundbar, Don’t forget to check the connections that your soundbar has. Many soundbars have connections for TVs and other gadgets, but not all do. If you have a projector, it is important to make sure that your soundbar has an HDMI input.

This will allow you to connect your projector and soundbar. Other connections that are often useful include optical audio and Bluetooth. Make sure to consider all your needs when purchasing a soundbar to choose the best one for you.

4. Remote Control and Wireless streaming

Before picking a soundbar for your projector, you need to check both remote control and wireless streaming capabilities. Some soundbars offer only one or the other, so select one that will meet your needs.

Additionally, if you are looking for a remarkably immersive experience, consider a model with surround sound. Doing so can create an even more realistic audio landscape in your home entertainment center.

5. Subwoofer

Fifth is what the type of subwoofer included with the soundbar? Some sound bars include a subwoofer, while others do not. If you are looking for the best sound quality, you will want to choose a soundbar that includes a subwoofer.

A subwoofer will provide deeper and richer bass than a soundbar without one. This can help create a more immersive audio experience when watching movies or TV shows.

6. Budget

Last but not the least, You’ll want to consider your budget before making a decision. Some soundbars offer great features and performance but may come at a higher price tag.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, plenty of great options are available that still deliver quality sound. Considering your budget, you can find the perfect soundbar to complement your projector setup.

List Of Top Soundbars For Projectors ( Detailed Review )

1. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar:

Searching out a top-of-the-line sound bar that doesn’t break the bank? I highly recommend the Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar. This premium soundbar offers superior sound quality, with a wireless subwoofer for added bass and its worth buying.

Its exclusive voice adjusts technology, and Dolby Digital decoding delivers precise, powerful sound that will make any movie or show more enjoyable. This sound bar also features a sleek, slim design that looks great with any TV setup. Moreover, it’s easy-to-use controls make it simple to get the most out of your sound bar.

This Polk soundbar delivers excellent sound and value, comparable to any mid- to the high-range sound bar on the market as far we have tested!

At just over 2″ tall, it’s slim enough to fit in most spaces and can be easily wall-mounted or placed in front of your TV especially when you have small desk space like me. In addition, This slim sound bar won’t block your TV’s bottom edge or IR remote sensor, so you can still enjoy a great picture and complete control of your TV.

With its easy-to-use interface and simple setup, the Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar is the perfect way to improve your TV’s audio without spending too much money. This premium soundbar is designed to deliver an immersive, crystal-clear audio experience that will take your home theater experience to the next level.

This versatile soundbar can be connected to any audio source via HDMI ARC, optical input or AUX. Furthermore, Built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to wirelessly stream music from your favorite streaming apps straight to the speaker. You can wirelessly stream music from your favorite apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and others. to be honest, I’m using it personally and it works like a charm.

With a quick and easy setup, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite entertainment in no time. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster hit or streaming your favorite show, the PolkAudio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar will enhance your viewing experience. But While using it, I checked that the remote looked bulky compared to other soundbars but I would say this is not something a “VERY BAD” in front of it’s great features.

Technical Details: 

BrandPolk Audio
Speaker Maximum Output Power25 Watts
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, HDMI
Audio Output ModeSurround

Good Things

  • Great for the average user
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent sound and bass

Bad Things

  • The volume goes up in strange increments

Video Review:

2. VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 29” Surround Sound System for TV:

Chasing down an easy way to enhance your audio experience when watching TV, look no further than the VIZIO 2.0 Sound Bar. This compact and powerful sound bar delivers impressive surround sound, making it the perfect addition to any home theater setup.

This surround sound system offers 29″ full-range stereo speakers that will significantly impact your listening experience. Besides, DTS technologies simulate incredible surround sound, making movies and TV shows even more immersive, It was feeling like I’m sitting in a cinema.

And with Bluetooth streaming, I listen to my favorite music from anywhere in the room with its wireless connectivity. Whether entertaining guests or relaxing at home, the VIZIO Sound Bar is the perfect way to enhance your TV experience.

With everything you need for a quick and easy setup, upgrading to powerful audio has never been easier. The Sound Bar has everything you need to set it up, including cables to connect it to your TV.

Once it’s all hooked up, you can sit back and enjoy the fantastic sound quality of the Sound Bar.
Additionally, the VIZIO Sound Bar features DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruVolume and DTS TruSurround technologies, delivering crystal-clear sound, I wasn’t expecting these extra ordinary features in this budget I’m amazed and enjoying the quality till now.

An ergonomic remote for convenient access to volume, input and audio controls, making it easy to adjust the sound to your liking. This sleek and unobtrusive bar can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall, producing a clear and realistic sound that will make your TV viewing experience much more enjoyable. So far, so good!

Technical Details:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Audio Output ModeSurround, Stereo
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Item Weight4.5 pounds

Good Things

  • Crisp sound
  • Good bass
  • Great price
  • Good Stereo and Volume

Bad Things

  • No HDMI connection is possible

Video Review:

3. HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350 2.1ch Sound Bar and Powerful Subwoofer:

If you’re looking for an ultimate home theater upgrade, In my opinion, the Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is perfect for you. This 2.1ch sound bar and power subwoofer system offer incredible audio quality, making it a great way to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

This powerful soundbar delivers 320W of total power output, making your movies and TV shows come to life with incredible volume and clarity. HT-S350 soundbar features high-resolution Audio compatibility and advanced virtual surround sound technology, providing an immersive listening experience.

The large 6.30-inch speaker unit and 6.16-gallon volume deliver a deeper, richer bass sound that will fill any room. The wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room for ultimate flexibility and placement options I used to keep them fit on room corners for better sound circulation.

S-Force Pro virtual surround sound technology emulates a theater-style surround sound experience, making it feel like you’re right in the action. And with seven different audio modes to choose from, you can tailor the sound to your specific needs. I would say whether you’re looking for an immersive cinema experience or want to enjoy your favorite tunes, the HT-S350 has you covered.

The wireless subwoofer creates an immersive listening experience, while the Voice Enhancement feature isolates voices and amplifies them over the background noise for greater clarity.

Featuring Bluetooth streaming, this sound bar lets you enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music from your smartphone or tablet. You can connect via Bluetooth to send audio to the soundbar and Sub from anywhere in your home.

With HDMI ARC compatibility, you can easily connect the soundbar to your TV using a single cable, and the included remote makes it easy to control volume and playback.

Technical Details:

Speaker Maximum Output Power320 Watts
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, HDMI
Audio Output ModeSurround
Item Weight22.5 pounds

Good Things

  • Superb sound quality
  • Easy to connect
  • Excellent value and performance for smaller space

Bad Things

  • Difficult to maintain audio with a Sharp Television

Video Review:

4. JBL Bar 2.1 – Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer:

Seeking out a powerful soundbar that will complement your home theater setup and provide booming, immersive sound? Check out the JBL Bar 2.1. This 2.1-channel soundbar delivers outstanding sound quality, with deep bass provided by the wireless subwoofer.

JBL Surround Sound bar makes movies come alive, and you’ll enjoy your favorite shows and films like never before. JBL Bar 2.1 is a soundbar that offers rich and deep bass from its 6.5″ (165mm) wireless subwoofer. It has three HDMI inputs and Bluetooth connectivity so you can enjoy your music journey with and without wires! And best of all, it works with your TV remote control, so you can easily adjust the volume and settings to suit your preferences.

This soundbar is equipped with two powerful drivers that deliver a clear, dynamic sound, while the wireless subwoofer provides thumping bass you can feel. With its sleek design and easy setup, the JBL Bar 2.1 will take your home theater experience to the next level.

Technical Details:

Speaker Maximum Output Power300 Watts
Frequency Response20 kHz
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, HDMI, 1 Analog, 1 Optical, USB
Item Weight2.6 pounds
Product Dimensions11.03 x 14.49 x 40.67 inches

Good Things

  • Well-designed and excellent value
  • Easy setup
  • Good Bass

Bad Things

  • Poor Bluetooth range

Video Review:

5. Klipsch Cinema 600 Sound Bar 3.1 Home Theater System with HDMI-ARC for Easy Set-Up:

Klipsch Cinema 600 Sound Bar is a perfect addition to your room for your home theater system. It has a 45 inches 3.1 sound bar with a 10 inches wireless subwoofer, and it’s the best way to upgrade your TV’s audio with an immersive surround sound experience.

This 3.1 system features a best-in-class 600W peak power, making it one of the most potent sound bars on the market. HDMI-ARC is a great way to improve the sound quality of your home theater experience.

With 5.1 decoding for virtualized surround sound, it offers a premium cinema experience in my room. The system features an integrated wireless subwoofer, delivering powerful bass and deep lows that make me feel like I’m in the movie theater.

It also comes with a wireless remote control and HDMI-ARC functionality to connect to my TV and other audio/video equipment seamlessly through a single cable connection. One thing to note, however, is that some users have reported shorter-than-average lifespans for this particular model.

Technical Details:

Speaker Maximum Output Power600 Watts
Connectivity TechnologyHDMI
Audio Output ModeSurround

Good Things

  • Easy to set up
  • Fast delivery
  • Sounds fantastic
  • Bass is good

Bad Things

  • Randomly loses connection to the bar

Video Review:

6. Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In:

This elegant boss sound bar for TV, movies, music, and games delivers spacious sound, exceptional clarity, and rich bass. The matte-black finish with a seamless metal grille will look great in any room.

With 5 full-range drivers, this wireless soundbar delivers clear sound that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. The latest generation of the world’s best-performing soundbar is now smarter than ever with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in.

The noise-rejecting mic system listens in every direction for your voice, making it easy to issue commands even if you’re not right in front of the TV. The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 also features exclusive Bose Voice for Video technology, which expands your Alexa capabilities to include control of your TV and cable/satellite box.

It’s easy to set up and control using the Bose Music app for iOS or Android, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect. You can also use voice commands to play music from Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more.

One of the best feature for me of this soundbar is it can be connected wirelessly to my Bluetooth devices or wired to my TV with an optical audio cable or an HDMI cable. Once connected, I can use the Bose Music app to walk through the step-by-step setup.

The soundbar is just over 2″ tall, making it easy to place in front of my TV or wall mount. It’s compatible with other Bose products for Multi-Room listening, or add the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 or the Bose Surround Speakers 700 to get the most out of my home audio experience.

Technical Details:

Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, Wi-Fi, Optical, HDMI
Audio Output ModeSurround
Mounting TypeWall Mount, Tabletop

Good Things

  • Quick Setup & Nice Clear Sound
  • Easy to install
  • Build Quality is excellent, which is to be expected from Bose
  • The sound Quality is excellent

Bad Things

  • Only a tiny remote is available, with no audio tuning options

7. Sonos Arc – The Premium Smart Soundbar for TV, Movies, Music, Gaming:

Looking for A Smart Soundbar for your TV, I highly recommend Sonos Arc, the premium soundbar for your TV, movies, music and gaming.

It features Dolby Atmos surround sound technology to create an all-encompassing audio experience that will take you deeper into the action. The Sonos app lets you control the Arc from your phone or use your TV remote to play, pause, change volume and more. With enhanced Trueplay tuning technology, it optimizes the sound for the unique acoustics of your room.

With the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2, you can stream music, radio, podcasts, and more from your favorite services when the TV is off. With Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback, the Sonos Arc gives you a premium brilliant soundbar experience.

The professional tone of voice ensures that your audio sounds great, no matter what you’re watching or listening to. With its elongated shape, soft profile, and seamless facade, Arc discreetly mounts to the wall or sits beneath the TV without pulling focus.

With Amazon Alexa voice control built right in, I can play music, check the news, set alarms, answer my questions, and more – completely hands-free. The Sonos Arc is a sound bar that delivers fantastic audio quality and deep bass.

It has been specially tuned with the help of Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasize the human voice so that you can hear every word. Wirelessly connect your Sub and a pair of One SL rears to create an even more immersive listening experience.

Technical Details:

Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, HDMI
Audio Output ModeSurround
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Item Weight24.6 pounds

Good Things

  • Well-balanced sound
  • Easy setup
  • Better sound than other soundbars

Bad Things

  • No auto-tuning for non-IOS users

Frequently Asked Question While We Were Shortlisting These Soundbars:

Where should a soundbar be placed on a projector?

Generally, soundbars are placed in front of the screen. This is because the soundbar needs to be close to the listener in order to produce precise, accurate sound. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

If your projector is mounted on the ceiling, place the soundbar underneath the projector. This will help keep the soundbar hidden while still providing good audio quality.

Another exception is if you have a giant screen.  In this case, it may be best to place the soundbar off to one side so it keeps your view of the screen.

Can I put the soundbar behind the projector screen?

Yes, you can place your soundbar behind your projector screen. Doing so can create a more realistic and immersive soundscape for your movies and TV shows.
However, there are a few things to keep in mind when placing your soundbar behind your projector screen.
●First, ensure that the soundbar is appropriately positioned, so the audio is projected directly towards the viewer.
●Second, be aware that placing the soundbar behind the screen may result in a slight decrease in bass response.
●Overall, putting your soundbar behind your projector screen is a great way to improve your home theater setup and get the most out of your movies and TV shows.


We hope this list has been helpful if you’re looking for a best soundbar for your projector. There are a variety of soundbars on the market and i tried my best to share detailed insights of soundbars and how is my experience with them, so make sure to do your own research as well before making a purchase. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect soundbar for your projector setup.

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