How To Mount A Projector Screen Without Drilling?

Are you looking for a way to mount a projector screen without drilling holes in your wall? Home theater enthusiasts know how difficult it is to install a giant projector screen without drilling into walls. However, with the right tools and technique, it is possible to mount a projector screen without any drilling. This article will guide you through mounting a projector screen without having to drill any holes.

 How To Mount A Projector Screen Without Drilling?

Mount A Projector Screen Without Drilling

Mounting a projector screen without drilling is essential for those who want to avoid damaging their walls. Luckily, several options allow mounting a projector screen without drilling holes.

1. Projector Screen Stand

One of the best choices is a projector screen stand. These stands are easy to assemble and can be adjusted to fit almost any screen size.

To begin, choose a location for your projector screen stand. It should be in a spot where it won’t get knocked over or bumped into easily. Once you have found the perfect spot, assemble the stand according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow all safety guidelines and ensure the stand is stable before mounting your screen.

Once your projector screen stand is assembled, attach your screen using the hooks or clips provided by the manufacturer. You may need someone else’s help to hold up one side while you attach the other, but it shouldn’t take long.

2. L-Shaped Wall Hangers

L-shaped wall hangers are the perfect alternative for those who want a hassle-free installation process.

Firstly, these hangers are designed to support heavy objects such as projector screens without the need for screws or nails. This means you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls or leaving unsightly holes behind. Secondly, the L-shape design ensures that your screen will be securely mounted and won’t wobble or fall off during use.

You only need double-sided tape and a level tool to install these hangers. Place the tape on the back of the hangers and stick them onto your wall in the desired location.

3. Using Hardwall Hangers

Hard wall hangers are great for mounting a projector screen without drilling. With these handy little devices, you can easily hang your screen on any wall and adjust its position as needed. Here’s how to use hard wall hangers for mounting your projector screen:

First, locate the ideal spot on the wall where you want to hang your screen. Make sure it’s level and at an appropriate height for viewing. Next, attach the hard wall hangers to the top of your projector screen frame using screws or adhesive strips. Then, hold the screen against the wall in the desired location and mark where each hanger will go with a pencil.

After marking where each hanger will be placed on the wall, attach them securely using screws or adhesive strips according to their instructions.

4. Using Hanging Strips

Are you looking for a way to mount your projector screen without drilling holes? Hanging strips may be the solution you need. These adhesive strips can hold up to 16 pounds and are easy to install, making them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to avoid drilling holes.

First, start cleaning the wall where you plan to hang your projector screen. Use a clean cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or debris that could interfere with the adhesive’s grip. Next, attach hanging strips to the back of your projector screen according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Once your hanging strips are attached, remove the protective backing from each strip and carefully position your screen on the wall where you want it mounted. Press firmly against each strip for at least 30 seconds, then give it time to set before testing its strength.

5. Brick Clamps

Brick clamps are great for mounting a projector screen without drilling into your brick wall. These clamps offer a secure and stable way to mount your screen without causing any damage to your wall. If you’ve been wondering how to mount a projector screen without drilling, then brick clamps may be just what you need.

To use brick clamps, slide them onto the edge of your brickwork and tighten the screws. You can then attach the brackets for your projector screen onto the clamp. This method is perfect for those who are renting or don’t want to commit to drilling holes in their walls. Plus, it’s quick and easy to set up – no special tools are required! 

6. Command Hooks

Command Hooks may be the solution you’ve been searching for if you’re looking to mount a projector screen in your home or office but don’t want to drill holes into your walls. These hooks are designed to hold up to 7.5 pounds, making them perfect for mounting a small or medium-sized projector screen without needing permanent installation.

To mount a projector screen with Command Hooks:

  1. Start by choosing the location where you want to hang it.
  2. Clean the surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and let it dry completely.
  3. Remove the backing from one of the Command Hooks and press it firmly onto the wall for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat this process with additional hooks, spacing them evenly across the top of your screen.

Where To Mount The Projector Screen?

Projector Screen

One of the biggest questions when mounting a projector screen is where to mount it. The ideal height for mounting your projector screen is between 24 and 36 inches off the floor. This range provides an optimal viewing angle for most people in the room.

Mounting your projector screen too high or too low can cause discomfort and strain on the neck and eyes, making it difficult to enjoy your movie or presentation. Therefore, determining the right height for your projector screen is crucial to ensure everyone in the room has an enjoyable experience.

If you’re unsure where to mount your projector screen, consider using a professional installer who can assess your space and provide expert guidance. A professional will consider ceiling height, furniture placement, and room size to determine the best location for optimal viewing pleasure.


Mounting a projector screen without drilling doesn’t have to be a complex job. This project can be completed in as little as forty minutes with suitable materials, equipment, and instructions. Don’t be intimidated by the task at hand–start with gathering the necessary supplies and then take your time to get the screen mounted securely. If you follow these steps, you should have no trouble achieving a successful installation.

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