Can We Use A Projector On A Brick Wall? ( Cost Friendly Procedures )

Watching a movie on a big screen with your friends is always very entertaining. That’s why you might be thinking of your outdoor wall of brick, To use it as a projector screen and enjoy the horror twitches with your buddies in the open dark sky at night.

A question arises here, can we use a projector on a brick wall? No! Because the brick wall is rough enough to absorb the light from the projector instead of reflecting it and making a smooth output picture.

Video Quality Of Projector On Brick Wall

For proper understanding, Let’s have a look here!

“All the bumpy and uneven surfaces have the ability to soak up the light because of the fact that, These choppy layers can not reflect the light entirely as compared to the smooth and shiny surfaces. The light can immerse into the holes and cracks over that surface. So, it’ll form a damaged image even if you can’t see what’s happening”.

That’s why, The rugged, craggy and Rough brick wall can be a nightmare if you’re thinking of using it as a projector’s screen.

Always remember that The surface of your projector’s screen has to be as smooth as it can. Only then will you be able to watch and enjoy the movie or picture through a projector.

But If you’ve made up your mind about an outdoor projector, Then this article might be helpful for you, Because I’m going to share some tricks with you guys for proper external setup, although we have some list of projectors for your dorm room as well!

Top 3 ways for an outdoor projector to use on a Brick Wall – Cost friendly Procedures

1. Soothes the uneven surface:

It means that you must Plaster that brickwork surface to fill the cracks, bumps, patches, marks, undulations or holes and make it brighter for the better quality of the resulting image from the projector.

2. Paint that rough surface – cheapest way!

Painting white can give you a vibe of using a projector, But it will not work correctly until the cracks and bumps aren’t fulfilled.

So make coats over coats of white-silver paint. And use a roller instead of a brush, Because it soothes the surface more. This procedure is very cost-friendly, All you have to buy is a paint bucket and roller.

3. Add Borders to the screening area:

To make the same wall screen, You have to mark out the borders. This can be done by taking a test trial of your projector; if not, turn on any movie or picture to get an idea of where the image is spreading.

Then add the black tape over that area, And Wala! You’ll get a proper screen vibe now.

4. Mount the screen of the projector:

Hang the Smooth, furnished and bright screen projector on a brick wall for an excellent outdoor theatre. If you don’t have anything to mount, The don’t get worry,

We’ve explained some tricky methods here to tie your projector screen on them.

Best 4 ways to hang the projector on a brick wall:

In this case, you must have a projector screen, Because you are not using a hard and raggy wall as a screen. Apply these tricks to your brick, concrete and even drywall.

1. Attach the pinch hanger to the wall:

Without drilling or making holes for nails into the wall, attach the pinch hanger to the wall. No doubt, It is used for lightweight products.

But there are specifications; choose one that can afford to weight up to the projector’s screen. Clamp it to that brick wall and tie it from top and bottom, and then You’re ready to hang your projector’s screen over it.

2. Drill the holes in the brick wall:

For a proper outdoor projector setup, Drill the holes into the walls and add “anchors” in that holes.

Anchor is the set of “screws” and a “plastic ribbed drywall.” Which is fixed into the wall by drilling and clearing the place of dust. Fix them in and hang the screen over them!

3. High-Quality Anchors To hang things weighing up to a screen:

These anchors are screws that you can easily buy from the nearest hardware shop. Make sure that the nut is 9×3-Inch made up of a premium steel exterior for high-weighing objects.

And that’s it. Drill in these anchors and mount your screen over these screws.

4. Install Projector screen wall Mount-L- Brackets into your brick wall:

These L-Brackets are shaped specifically to tie the projector over it. These stands have holes in which screws can be fit. Then after fixing it over the brickwork wall,

Install your projector’s screen into its hook carefully. And here you go!

Make sure to purchase those brackets which can afford weight more than 62 pounds. You can use these L-Brackets on a concrete wall also.

Install Projector screen wall Mount-L- Brackets into your brick wall

Can we use a concrete wall as a projector screen?

No, A concrete wall cannot reflect light as flawlessly as a smooth and shiny surface. It is a fact that light got soaked into the cracks and did not reflect properly.

Same scenario as in the Concrete wall. We may use it as it is not as much rough as a brick wall, but the results will not be satisfying enough as compared to the shiny white surface.

That’s why to make a clear view, use the projector’s screen. Or anything that must be smooth and shiny!


In simple words, regular and shiny surface matters to watch clear and smooth pictures/movies from a projector. And the hard, irregular, rough and damped brick or concrete wall can’t be satisfying enough to entertain you as a projector’s screen.

Because these layers do not reflect the proper light and thus, we can’t see the complete image, that’s why using a projector on a brick wall is not a good idea, although you can do some tweaks in your plan to do this! That’s why we have added multiple ideas in this article.

Find this guide on projecting movies on wall helpful? Don’t forget to share with someone who is thinking of using a projector on a brick wall!

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