Can We Adjust A Projector On A Coffee Table? ( Requirements & Guidelines )

If you don’t want to mount your projector, Then there are several methods, but one of the most trending and flawless methods is to put your projector over the coffee table.

Majority of people frequently ask, Can I Place my projector on the coffee table? The answer is, Yes! You can adjust the projector on a coffee table, but you have to figure out some technical things for the proper focus.

Want to know further details? Just read the given explanations carefully!

Can we adjust projector on coffee table? – Detailed Answer

Projector on a Coffee Table

Yes! Of course you can put the projector over the coffee table. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to work on a projector mounted at some height.

You must need a ladder or stool to get that projector down, So, the table projectors fit best in this scenario. All you have to set up the wires and place the table at a specific distance from the screen for full focused picture.

No doubt! It is one of the most simple method and aesthetic ways to enjoy the movie/picture along with the coffee and your companion.

But you have to tackle some technical things like height, alignment and the focus of the projector to project the perfect picture over the screen.

Moreover, There is a lot of stuff today over which you can put the projector, if you don’t want to hang them. We’ve linked many suitable items below.

But if you wish to “adjust the projector on your coffee table” perfectly, then, Stick with us for these instructions!

Requirements  of placing projector on a coffee table:

Projector On A Table

To put the projector over the table in your living room, You have to look over the given factors which will change the faults of projecting the image into the symmetrical and smooth output picture on your screen.

We are describing only the necessities of putting the projector over the table or shelf.

Read the “Guidelines” section completely for the perfect implementation!

1. Perfect alignment:

The distortion of the image because of the wrong projecting angle made by the projector with the screen can cause a “Keystone Effect”.

In this effect, the output image is totally disturbed and displaced from the specific alignment.
That’s why you have to make the adjustment properly when you place your projector over the coffee table.

Lens Shift GIF

2. Lens Shift:

This is the term in which the projector’s lens is displaced from the “central focus” over the screen.

In simple words, This defect cause the lens of the projector- placed over the table, To become “off-centered” even without moving the projector up or down. It just “dislocates” the focus of the projector’s lens towards the screen.

So you must have to check and adjust the lens shift of the projector.

3. Height of the table having projector over it:

Mostly, this factor does not get enough attention. But people don’t know how this feature affects the progress of the output image in the end.

So put the projector on a specific height table that will suit the screen perfectly and adjust all the alignments of the resulting image greatly. This method takes some estimations of screen.

4. Projector’s throw:

Fix the throw of the projector on the coffee table. The distance of the projector not only affects the clarity of the resulting picture but also matters a lot in the size of the image also.

So, it is very important to pay attention to the projector’s throw before putting it over the coffee table.

If the projector is placed too close, then a small and dark image is formed. And when the projector is placed far behind the screen, a faint and extremely large picture is formed.

That’s why the throw of the projector matters very much when you are placing the projector on a coffee table.

5. The offset:

Heading your projector dead straight towards the screen from the table is known as adjusting the offset of your projector. In this scenario, put the projector below the bottom of the screen if it is placed over the table or shelf.

But if your projector is mounted, then you have to hang it above the top of the screen. Because it  the keystone and lens shift affects directly by adjustment of the projector’s offset.

So, check the offset alignment of the projector placed on a table.

6. Select a Place:

If you’ve positioned your projector on the coffee table, you must find a specific location. This thing is required because, in a specific place like in a bedroom or T.V lounge, no one is going to create mess.

And everybody will take care that the projector is placed there. So make a section or specific place for your projector

7. A Wireless HDMI:

Source: Amazon

In the case of a projector with wires, There might be great chaos of wires over the floor, which can make difficulty for children and pets in the home.

That’s why you have to buy the specific wireless HDMI wires for your projector and a connected device like a laptop/computer.


Here we are going to discuss some “solutions” and ideas that will help you to make your projector work on a coffee table.

  1. Adjust the proper alignment and “keystone effect” by pointing the projector (placed over the table) straight towards the screen horizontally. It means your projector does not locate too high or too low from the centre of the screen.
  1. You can fix the Projector’s throw rate by applying a formula that, Projector’s Throw Ratio = Throw Distance / Image Width. After getting an amount you can easily fix the image and can enjoy your scenes by placing the projector over the coffee table.
  1. When we talk about the height of a table over which you are going to place your projector, There comes the point, Shall we proceed according to the height of screen ? The answer is very simple, Yes! Put the most accurate table from which the picture will display properly. And obviously you can do this by measurements of screen and table.

Moreover, there are many projector relevant accessories that have resolved our problem greatly.

For Example:

  • Mount it Projectors Stand, is one of the great inventions as it helps a lot in placing a projector over the table without spoiling the table, as heat is released out of the projector.
  •  Z-Fold Home Coffee Table Brackets, can help you in coordinating the projector according to the screen and it works amazing if you’ve positioned your projector over the shelf or table.
  •  Adjustable Projector stands, Here is another awesome gadget that perfectly suits our current situation of placing the projector over the table because we can balance the height of the projector easily from this customizing projector stand.
  • Tripod Table Projector Sometimes named a Table projector, it is really valuable because of its functioning. We can place it over the table and then get ready for the astonishing projection on screen because of this selective and accurate height balance from a tripod table projector.

Now you have to buy these stands and place your projector over them. These stands are adjustable, and thus you can easily fix them when you get the precise result of image over the screen.

  1. The screen can also be dislocate. It means if you have a projector’s screen, which is easy to mount, then you can hang it at that specific position where you get the perfect aligning picture. And in case you have a sheet as a screen, all you have to do some estimations first because it takes some time to be hung perfectly.
  1. Check the offset of the projector. If there’s an issue with these settings, then you can fix this problem by setting your projector’s lens below the bottom line. Because it is already placed over a table, the projector is at some height already, so this will help in the smooth throw rate of the projector and great reduction in keystone effect .  
  1. A Wireless HDMI or other cords relevant to your projector and the connecting device can help you a lot in sending and receiving signals without any mess of wires. That’s why you must have these wireless connections If you want to enjoy your watching in-house.
  1. Now if you are in search of a cost-friendly and best table projector, Then your are looking for Epson Home Cinema 3800 or BenQ-TK800M| Home Theater Projector, which has great settings and setup tools for the incredible view in your living room.

Pros of Placing projector over the table:

  • If any type of error occurs, you don’t need to make an effort to get that projector as it would be placed in front of you just over the table.  As compared to the mounted projector, which must need to get the projector carefully. 

This can be done with the help of a ladder or something like this to reach at that point where the projector is hanging.

  • You can take a coffee with your family in the living room as there’s no need for a proper setup. Just a few factors need to be appropriate which we’ve explained above already.
  • Placing your projector over a coffee table will help you a lot when you have to set up in a hurry. All you need a proper projector adjustment heading towards the screen, and you are done.
  • This set-up is much more cheaper as compared to the mounting system because it demands only a table and a projector, but for your ease smooth functioning, you can purchase the wireless cords, projector stands or the adjustable table.

Cons of Placing projector over the table:

  • If you’re placing your projector over the table in your living room, whenever someone passes in front of your projector’s lens, then there’s going to be a shadow over a screen.

And if you have some pets or children, then the same issue can make your series worst.

  • The adjustment will vary whenever the table is moved; that’s why a strong attachment is compulsory for the smooth working of the projector.
  • If you don’t have the wireless connections, then your room is just going to be full of leads and wires, which can cause the extreme disorder everywhere.
  • There’s a need for a dark room which will present a focused and well-managed picture, but if you have a setup with lighting like in a living room, then you will not get that level of amusement.


In Short, Yes! We can easily put a projector over a coffee table, and it’ll work efficiently. Just some of factors the factors like the alignment, Adjustment, Perfect location/screen and the height of the devices needs to be accurate.

Every type of advantage and disadvantage is explained in the right above section. All you have to do is take a look at the above-explained requirements and guidelines.

We tried our best to compel all the informative data for your ease. So, Go and check it out!

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