What Is Over Splash In A Projector? ( Causes & Solutions )

Setting up the projector is a time-consuming process, And it hurts so bad when you come to know that your projector is showing an over-splash effect. Take it easy, It’s Normal! After buying the projector, most of the audience comes across with an issue of over-splashing effect.

In case you don’t know, What is over splash in a projector?

This effect is found when a visible frame of light disbanded from the projected image is shown. Or we can say that, Separate lining appears at some distance to the edges of the projected film or picture. This problem is so annoying for viewers because it causes distraction in the whole dark room.

example of over splash in projector
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So, this type of effect is named as projector over-splash. Sometimes we relate it to the light bleeding because light spills out of the illuminated area to the darker region from the corners, even when the screen is black!

The cause of this problem can be an inaccurate lens inserted in it or the wrong positioning of the projector according to the screen or maybe the screen itself.

For proper understanding, Let’s have a look below!

What are the causes of the projector’s over-splash?

Setting up the projector is a time-consuming process, And it hurts so bad when you come to know that your projector is showing an over-splash effect.

So, there are 4 reasons to understand, Why are you facing projector over splash effect:

  • The cause of this boundary across the picture is due to the wrong projected lens sometimes.

Yes, the extraordinarily circular lens results in this rectangular frame across the boundary of the image, which irritates the viewers.

  • Keystone color correction can also be a reason for this effect in projectors.

For those who don’t know, A keystone correction, sometimes called keystoning, is the term used for multimedia projectors. 

In which the projector isn’t placed perpendicular (straight horizontally) towards the centerline of the screen.

That means the projector is making some angle vertically to the screen (maybe too high or low) and isn’t aligned according to the screen.

As a result, the output image from this non-perpendicular and  wrong-placed projector is skewed, bent, or displaced from the actual alignment. This disruption also causes an over-splash effect on your picture.

  • The inappropriate projector screen will also result in over-splashing.

Ponder in a logical and simplest way that, Dark colors and rough surfaces absorb most of the energy, and we know that light is a form of energy.

So, If the screen is not thick enough and there aren’t black or dark-colored borders, then the widen light will not be absorbed efficiently, and thus, we’ll see the frame of light surrounding the picture.

  • Using a Low Contrast ratio can also be an outcome of an Over-Splash Projector. 

Projectors with high contrast ratios are extremely easy to sort out this matter. But it will be a bit challenging if your projector has a low contrast ratio. 

Don’t get worried, We’ll discuss super easy ways. All you have to do is, Read the precaution segment carefully!

Top 6 Solutions to avoid light bleeding or over splash projector – 4th is the easiest as far I have used: 

Getting a brand-new projector? Here are some things that will help you to get non-defective projectors easily.

1. Perfect Screen Size:

A perfect screen is essential for the best working projector. Ensure that your screen has dark borders or wooden boards to soak the maximum amount of splash lightning. Fix the screen into a rim, Placed a few inches away to ingest extra light.

2. Keystone Correction:

Source: Dangbei

Adjust the keystone correction properly according to screen. Fix the projector’s alignment straight perpendicular to the central point of screen in horizontal axis.

3. Balance Contrast Ratio:

Source: Projector Ninja

Balance the contrast ratio along with the brightness from the setting options of your projector until you normalize it.

4. Use Dark and thick fabric cloth

Use Black and thick fabric cloth to make sheet screen if you don’t have projector’s screen. Easy and cost friendly point! Hang Black colored duvetyne, velvet, burlap Blackout fabric sheets behind the systems, that will absorb the extra light emitting from the projector and surely eliminate the over splash effect.

5. Circular Extremeness Of Your Projector Lens:

You must check the circular extremeness of your projector’s lens.

Because it’ll greatly affect the output image. Always choose the lens according to the screen for projectors.

6. Size of the image

Never increase the size of the image larger than the screen. Because it’ll always deform the resulting image and  show over splash effect.

Best 3 precautions to notice before buying a new projector-To avoid over splash effect:

  1. Use a Bezel around your screen that will help in reducing the light bleeding effect.
  2. If you don’t have a screen with a projector, then never tie loose and thin fabric sheets. Always use rough, dark, and thick stuff sheets. It’ll help a lot in projecting the right picture.
  1. Try to research, which type of projector will be best for your screen size and usage before purchasing. Select the lens according to the model of your projector.


Why do a border visible around the output picture of the projector?

A border or edges across the resulting image/film of the projector is visible because of an over-splash projector. 

There are several reasons of this effect but some major causes are;

  • Having a wrong lens inserted in your projector.
  • Keystoning.
  • Don’t having a light absorber sheet for the screening system. 
  • Or a low contrast ratio of the projector.

That’s why the outline should be visible across the boundary.

What is the difference between the halo effect/blooming in the projector from over splash projector?

The main difference between The Halo effect and Over Splash Projector is that, The Halo effect, as we can recognize from it’s name that, It is a type of halo (circle of faint lights). The blooming effect occurs when a bright lit object is placed in a deep dark region, and then light blooms out from it.

The illuminated area spreads little light energy to the particles in a dark area, thus forming a faded ring of light. This is what a halo effect is called in projector screening.

Source: Reddit.com

However, Over Splash Projector is the Frame of bright light that bounds across the proceeding image, and this frame is  few inches away from the image.

What is meant by lumens in projectors? 

Lumens are the scaling estimations that measure the brightness level in the projector. If a projector has fewer lumens than the other, it is less brighter ac compared to the other.

How dark color and rough fabric sheet will reduce the over splash?

As we’ve learned several times in our schooling, A black color, and a rough surface will absorb a great amount of energy, whether it is sound, heat, or light, because of the alignment of particles.

That’s why using a thick black sheet for the screen will absorb all the excessive light from the projector. And sort out the problem of over-splash projectors.

What is the light or backlight bleeding effect in projectors?

This effect is very similar to that of the over-splash effect. Backlight bleeding is where the light spreads out and leaks out of the boundaries. Like that of over splash projector effect. But this outline is little faint and soft.

Source: Reddit.com


Over Splash projector is an effect in which the extra frame/outline of bright light is formed across the edges of the resulting image. In simple words, a boundary line across the output image is visible in this effect. 

Over splash projector confuses a lot of newbies or amazon users, because they aren’t familiar enough with this device and its functions. But There’s nothing to be very worried about this effect as such. This might be due to several problems, that’s why we have tried our best to let you know what is over splash, its causes & how to solve it! 

Don’t forget to share this article with someone who is struggling with over splash projector effect! 

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